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Bpe is a relatively-simple and easy-to-use, screen-oriented, curses-based binary editor.

I picked up a copy of the bpe source from Ralphe Neill's web site and decided to convert it to autoconf/automake, rather than the hardcoded list of OS types which it previously used. This new version has been tested on Linux, Solaris, SunOS 4, FreeBSD, AIX, NEXTSTEP, and MacOS X.

Other than changes related to the change to autoconf, there are no major functional difference between 2.01.00 and the 2.00.08 release upon which it is based.

Ralphe has been great to work with, and I have obtained his permission to release bpe 2.01.00 under the BSD License on SourceForge. Although I am making this release (with his permission), as far as I am concerned, this project still belongs to Ralphe, and he is ultimately in charge of all future changes and releases.

Josh Wilmes

The BPE Developers